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Negative self-talk is something that we all do. We tell ourselves that we shouldn’t have said what we said, or that we should have done what they did.  This type of thinking can lead to depression and anxiety.

In order to find balance, it’s important to stop negative self-talk when you hear it coming from yourself.

Try Positive Enforcing

Negative self-talk takes up so much time and energy. Instead of focusing on the past, focus on what you can do in the future!

Get Moving

In the past few decades, our world has become more sedentary. With the invention of technology, people are spending less time outdoors and more time indoors. This means that most people are experiencing less physical activity than they should be.

Physical activity boosts mood and helps you sleep better at night. Whether you go for a walk or do some yoga in your living room, it’s important to get moving every day to stay mentally well.