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Martin Strel

In addition to the environmental benefits, a plant-based diet is beneficial for animal welfare. Believe it or not, animal agriculture accounts more emissions of greenhouse gases than any other transportation methods combined.

Doing our Environment a Big Favor

Raising animals for food also takes up a significant portion of the world’s land space–an area larger than Africa. Animals raised in factory farms are treated terribly and given harmful substances like antibiotics and growth hormones that can lead to increased risk of different types of cancer. These practices are not only terrible for animals, they’re also terrible for our environment.

As we try to combat climate change and decrease our impact on the planet, it’s important to consider eating plants instead of animals.

The Economic Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet 

A plant-based diet is good for your wallet. Not only does it save you money on groceries, but it can also provide an economic boost for the local economy.