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The Role of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Contemporary Health Care

Obesity in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a disorder known to cause Shi Re or “dampness heat” or internal heat caused by chronic low-grade inflammation. In such health care cases, the TCM used as treatment consists of highly reinforced bioactive compounds to specifically treat the chronic, obesity-related metabolic disorder causing the inflammation or internal heat.

What Exactly are Bioactive Compounds?

Bioactive compounds are treatments formulated out of nutrients and/or non-nutrients derived from vegetables and animals because their nutritional properties have healing effects.

In TCM studies, bioactive compounds have been proven as effective not only as treatment of obesity-related diseases but also in the prevention of other ailments such as heart disease and cancer.

Abundance and Accessibility of Unhealthy Food : The Root Cause of the Global Obesity Crisis

Although traditional Chinese medicine recognizes the connection between obesity and incidences of metabolic disorders, initial studies did not recognie obesity as the disorder itself.

However, during the past decades, the populations of obese people in many countries have grown tremendously that obesity is now considered an epidemic. Its prevalence is primarily due to the increasing availability and accessibility of unhealthy food. That being the case, the ciscumstance also spawned unhealthy eating behaviors and detrimental lifestyles.

In modern Western medicine (MWM) studies, the pathophysiological effects of obesity is termed as lipotoxicity. The findings show how obesity, as a disorder, creates large masses of adipose tissues serving as fat depots. Over time, the fat depots leak lipids or fatty acids, which subsequently cause inflammation caused by metabolic disorders. In some cases, untreated incidences of lipotoxicity, led to insulin resistance that subsequently advanced as type 2 diabetes.

Some advocates of traditional Chinese medicines believe that since bioactive compounds are effective antioxidants and treatments for obesity-related inflammations, they can be formulated as a supplement for controlling if not reducing excessive weight.

Use of Bioactive Compounds as Ingredients of Effective Weight Loss Supplement

The manufacturers of a new weight loss product called Exipure took to using the bioactive compounds of popular traditional Chinese medicinal ingredients like perilla, white Korean ginseng Extract and propolis bee concentrate, amur cork bark, kudzu roots, holy basil, oleuropein, and quercetin.

During Exipure’s initial rollout in the weight loss market, product offers came with a 180-day guarantee that Exipure works as promised. Experts at the Geeks Health fitness website immediately conducted an assessment of whether the supplement made from bioactive compounds is truly effective.