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What’s Brewing at Canada’s Coca Leaf Cafe?

The South Americans are enjoying the consumption of the coca leaf because of its effects. Erythroxylon coca is the plant source of coca leaf tea that gives off energizing and medicinal benefits for generations. However, with the recently emergence of cafes offering coca leaf in Canada, the legality of its use and consumption along with its health advantages are on the hot seat.

Brief Analysis of the Coca Leaves

Cocaine is a popular drug and is among the several alkaloids present in coca leaves. In comparison to cocaine, the euphoric substance in coca leaves is much lower. And when compared to coffee, coca leaves exert just a little amount with stimulating effect either through chewing or steeping in a tea.

Health Benefits of Coca Leaves

The good news is that a lot of coca leaf tea supporters testified about its positive effects on one’s health, such as the following:

Energy Booster

In the coca leaves, certain amounts of coca alkaloids, a natural stimulant, can be found. It is said that the substance works in increasing focus and energy.

Pain Reliever

The coca leaves also have an anti-inflammatory benefits making them a traditional pain relief for years.

Taking on the Other Effect: Safety and Legality

While you might have trouble sourcing the actual leaves, you can find cafes that serve what is technically legal—coca leaf tea made from imported coca leaf extract.

Nevertheless, coca leaf tea is a legal limbo. There are also some coca leaf cafe – Canada offering coca products ready for consumption. Due to this, these cafes are currently in an uncertain legal position.

There are certain dangers associated with coca leaf tea, despite the health benefits that have been touted. Below are some potential downsides in the consumption of coca leaves:

Possibility for Addiction

Even if the potential level for addiction to coca leaves may occur in just a small amount compared to cocaine, there is still a possibility for the development of addiction with long-term consumption.

Negative Effects

The possible negative effects that may occur with the use of coca leaf tea are irritability, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

Drug Interactions

Some unwanted side effects may be due to the possible interaction of coca leaves with some drugs.


There is still a lot of gray area surrounding the Canadian legality and potential health implications of coca leaf tea. Some people claim it has healing powers, while others warn about dangers and reliance. The health benefits of coca leaf tea need further investigation.